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contact info:

icq - 34330066

aim - zksoz512z

yahoo - chris_lindbergh has been hacked - use mjollnir512 for now...

msn/hotmail - chrislindbergh2002

skype - kso.cc

livejournal - kso512

friendster.com, and tribe.net, and plain old e-mail - use kso@kso.cc

facebook.com and linkedin.com - use chris[email protected]gmail.com

due to the high amount of spammy messages i've been receiving, i've set my instant messaging clients to ignore unknown handles... please send me an email and i'll add you to my buddy/contact lists...

by the way, today is sweetmorn, day 47 of the season bureaucracy, year of our lady discord 3183...

- home -><- CONTACT -><- pictures -

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